Our Mission updated dec 27th

Our Mission

Giving back has never been simpler. When you shop, you contribute. Hoodies for Heroes proudly donates a portion of our profits to a foundation close to your heart.

Hoodies for Heroes is committed to giving back to charities that help those in need of support. We look to inspire you to make a positive impact in the world and give you a chance to be a Hero. Every purchase has the ability to change lives and show support by wearing one of our items. 

Our products have corresponding charities that we have carefully researched, evaluated, and chosen to be most effective in helping our cause. Shopping with us says more about you than the items in your cart. By selecting one of our products, you partake in ethical consumption that furthers the cause towards a sustainable future.

We aspire to make a difference in today’s world and together we can make that difference.

Be a Hero; be a changemaker.