Is The Tote Bag By Marc Jacobs a Good Buy?

Written by Emily Johnson - Published on March 22, 2024

In the fast-paced world of fashion, the tote bag has earned a position as the top one accessory that completes the look both in terms of style and practicality. 

Amidst the sea of choices, Marc Jacobs tote bag miraculously emerges outstanding thanks to its classic design, innovation and high grade quality. Branding Marc Jacobs as a functional-meets-fashion-forward designer, their tote bags boast of durability, roomy interiors with some promises of luxury which have them as the most popular bags among fashionistas.

Yet, for the ones who are not just searching for elegance, but also want to join social responsibility in their wear, there is another option out there that fits these two characteristics—the bag "Made Me Smile" by Hoodies for Heroes. 

This totebag is more than just a bag, it is something more; a vessel of purpose with its mission to spark a wave of positivity.

The Made Me Smile Bag: Saving Lives, Spreading Smiles 

Design and Functionality: Similarly to the Marc Jacobs tote bag, the Made Me Smile Bag turned out to be stylish enough for shopping trips and a bit more formal social affairs. Its well-organized interior makes appropriate space to all your day-round necessities and allows it to be a perfect companion for your daily adventures. But while this is similar to what many other brands do to strengthen their brand personality, it stands out through the statement messages and graphics it uses to send uplifting vibes wherever you find these products.

Quality and Durability: Detail-oriented, the Made Me Smile Bag's products are premium material are produced to combat the daily trials. This will make the bag not only fashionable but also durable to last like the classic Marc Jacobs tote that promises durability.

Social Impact: Among other elements, the starring point of the Made Me Smile Bag is the fact that it affects positive changes. We donate 20% of the sale to mental health charities with the goal of helping our heroes who suffer from mental issues when every purchase is made. Simultaneously, this campaign fulfills the purpose of generating critical support for the cause while providing a venue for the customers to unite and be an important part of the community working to sensitize people and contributing to wellbeing in mental health.

Why Pick The Made Me Smile Bag Over The Marc Jacobs Bag?

Even though the Marc Jacobs tote is a perfect match for style and quality, the Hoodies for Heroes‘ Made Me Smile Bag is more than a fashion statement.

It’s your chance to make your fashion choice truly impactful. Instead of selecting the plain black bag, you are not only having an expression of your style but also having fun in making a difference in the lives of the beneficiaries under this project. 

It can be an occasion to display your fashion and gaining mental health education and campaign.

In a world where shoppers now go for retailers that give back to the community, the Made Me Smile Travel Bag is an ideal combination of the style, functionality, and societal benefit they are looking for. Its as simple as that: it is this venture that bears you a burden of positiveness and change, both physically and metaphorically.


After all, while the Marc Jacobs tote bag is still a symbol of status and style to a lot of fashion enthusiasts, the Made Me Smile Bag has a lot of appeal for those who are drawn not just to fashion but also want to always do something good to support the less fortunate.

It's far more than a canvas bag for every day outings; it is the statement of support, a marker of hope, and an effort towards a nicer and more empathetic world.

What Do We Do?

Hoodies For Heroes is a mom and daughter team, with a mission to spread as many smiles, improve the lives as others, and support Mental Health charities from around the world.

We know that you'll love our products we have to offer, and we greatly appreciate you reading this blog. Please scroll down to see what we have to offer, and how we can make your life better!

Our items not only help save the lives of others, and spread awareness about mental health, but we make every item affordable, and accessible so that you can spread positivity in our world no matter your current situation.

If you love supporting small businesses, saving lives, making other people smile, and contributing to a worthy cause, scroll down and check out our most popular item :)

Philanthropy Meets Fashion

The Made Me Smile Bag is more than just a bag.

The Made Me Smile Bag is a symbol of love, hope, and compassion. Its message shines bright and brings courage to anyone going through a rough patch. A small reminder that a smile can bring out the perfection from within.

The bag went viral from wholesome videos of people smiling when seeing it in public, but it became so much more.

It’s now the daily reminder for many to be happy and cherish the good times while embracing any bumps in the road.

The Made Me Smile Bag is the perfect gift for anyone who needs an extra smile, and the best part is that it is more affordable than any other bag on the market.

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Are The Bags Really That Great?

Check out what these happy customers had to say about their Made Me Smile Bag

"It was the perfect gift."

“I recently purchased the smile bag for my mom who's been feeling lonely since me and my son moved out. The moment she saw it she had the biggest smile on her face and even started tearing up. We've been through a lot together, and we always try our best to be positive and happy. This bag related so much to both of us, and it was the perfect gift."

  • Sam B.

    • Verified Buyer

"I appreciate that a part of the proceeds are going to a meaningful cause."

“After losing my husband, I understand the importance of small gestures that can bring a smile. That's why I decided to gift the Made Me Smile bag to a friend who's been going through a tuff time. The quality is fantastic, it comes in nice packaging with a cute little thank you card. Also as a mental health advocate, I appreciate that a part of the proceeds are going to a meaningful cause."

  • Candice H.

    • Verified Buyer

"Every time I wear it out, I feel strong and feel like I'm in control of my life"

“I bought the Made Me Smile Bag for myself, as a reminder to stay positive with the challenges of being a single mom.. Every time I wear it out, I feel strong and feel like I'm in control of my life, and my family. This bag is perfect for walks, groceries, events, and honestly everywhere you'd normally wear a bag! Highly recommend"

  • Vicky L.

    • Verified Buyer

"Also absolutely love the fact that a portion of cost goes to mental health charities. "

Love this bag - so bright and cheerful and a great 'in between' size. Already had compliments on it. Also absolutely love the fact that a portion of cost goes to mental health charities. My only criticism would be how open it is - a zip closure would make it more secure.

  • Anna Chirstin

    • Verified Buyer

At 52, I was thrust into the challenging journey of my daughter's mental health struggles. It was a difficult period, filled with uncertainty and the desperate search for help.

During this time, I discovered Hoodies For Heroes on Facebook. Their campaign to support mental health immediately struck a chord with me, especially their "Made Me Smile Bag." I ordered one, and when it arrived, it was not just a bag but a symbol of hope.

This bag became a catalyst for change. After months of relentless effort, I finally secured the necessary support for my daughter. This breakthrough spurred me into becoming more involved in our community, armed with a newfound motivation to help others.

Now, owning several "Made Me Smile Bags" in different colors, I often gift them, enjoying the joyful reactions they bring. 

For anyone facing tough times, looking for motivation, or wanting to support a meaningful cause

I highly recommend Hoodies For Heroes. Their "Made Me Smile Bag" is not just an accessory; it's a beacon of hope and a tool for change.

How To Buy a Made Me Smile Bag?

The Made Me Smile Bag is only offered online, and orders arrive in 6-12 days.

Get the perfect gift, make others smile, save lives, and support a meaningful cause.

1) Check out the official Hoodies For Heroes website and place your order.

2) Create wholesome moments with loved ones and make memories that last.

 3) Continue to be a "bright light" in people's lives & be a force of positivity that our world desperately needs.

For a limited time, you can get 50% OFF your Made Me Smile bag until stock runs out.

And if you're not happy with your order for whatever reason, you're covered by our "Heroes" 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Frequently asked questions

What charity do you donate to?

Every year, we pick a new charity to partner with to make sure we are having a global impact. We are currently doing 20% of our proceeds to The International Association for Suicide Prevention.

How long will it take to get my order?

We have shipping warehouses in North America and Europe to ensure fast shipping to our supporters. Orders to the US and CA vary from 6-8 days, and Orders to the UK, AU, and NZ take around 10 days. Please give us 3 days to process orders!

What if I want to return my order?

We offer 30-day refunds and returns no matter the reason. In the rare case there are any issues with your product we will ship out a replacement on the same day!

Where are you based?

We're based in the US, but we support causes from around the world. We believe our world is already divided enough, and we should all be working together. 

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